48 hours in Aegina

This little trip to Aegina was a surprise for Theo’s birthday. We woke up early on Tuesday’s morning and got on board to the island. Many seagulls accompanied us and it was so cool! When we reached island we searched for somewhere to stay that night, and so we found a cute room at the port. After that we started the exploration of the island!

Three best beaches

  1. Klima

    It’s right below an abandoned hotel and it has a mystery sense  because of it. Water was so clear and beach bar played chill out music.DSC_0202sxd

  2. Marathonas

    Great beach for families with a tavern in front of the beach.

  3. Agia Marina

On the other side of the island there is a long beach which is called Agia Marina. I has a lot of sunbeds and it is not so crowded if you visit it after 4 o’ clock. A place to relax..DSC_0337uyg

Where to eat

The best place to eat somewhere quiet is at a little port near the center of Aegina. At that port there is only one restaurant to eat and it’s called “Μάνιτας στο κύμα”. Portions where big and view was so amazing!DSC_0359nbf DSC_0415cdfg.jpg

This island is not so big but it is ideal for short excursions and budget traveling. Traveling is for everyone not only for rich and together we’ll meet every corner of the world. See you soon. Love, K.


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