Gili Air paradise

Gili Air is a tiny island which belongs to Lombok. It is one of the 3 islands that more and more people are choosing to make a trip from Bali. The difference between these 3 islands is hidden into what you desire, something relaxing or something more intense. Gili Air, for me, was the best option as I wanted something in between. On the one side Gili Trawangan was more party like and on the other side Gili Meno was peaceful as hell (hahah)!  So if you’re heading to Bali it really worth your time and money to visit these islands.hg-5569IMG_5446IMG_5535IMG_5978

However, the best thing that I loved most is the friendly hospitality of locals. Everyone seemed happy and enjoyed each and every moment of their life. We played and had fun with so many children, even though they didn’t know almost anything in english!

You have to know that Gilis are very famous for their real pearls! I bought one pair of earrings for only 5 euros(!) and a necklace for only 6 euros(!). Unbelievable right? In general, life there was very affordable. We ate a 2 kilo fresh snapper, salad, chips, beers and water and payed 20 euros!

The best activity that he had was snorkeling trip! We saw sea turtles, fish and some underwater statues. We had a great time with the other couples on board but unfortunately sea caused me nausea and after trip I was like I drank 1 bottle of Scotch hahah! So get prepared in advance as to avoid this bad ending.


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As for the transportation, forget any kind of motor vehicles. In Gili air there are only carts with horses and bicycles. We opted for bicycles as to get everywhere we wanted and explore the island. I have to admit that you have to be a great bicycle rider because you have to ride on sand, uneven ground and rocks. I struggled a lot and Theodore teased me all the time.






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